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Visual Arts


Abstract metal sculpture outside on campus
Bubbling red vase with gray splatters.
Tall, navy and black vase
Striped, wide ceramic vases
Geometric, metallic sculpture outside on campus
Tall, orange vase with gray crystal formations.
Sculpture of ambiguous face.
Five ceramic vases with neutral tones
Red, abstract sculpture piece
Abstract, orange sculpture piece.
Abstract yellow sculpture sitting on top of a piece of wood.
Abstract sculpture.
Sculpture of person with wings made with metal.
Orange plate with three cartoon portraits of woman crying.
Sculptures of man's upper body and torso without head or hands.
White vase with black tree imagery.
Sculpture of desert animal skull
Tall and skinny necked, gradient vase
Intentionally corroded vase with gray background and colorful accents.
Geometric vase with abstract piece on opening.
Intentionally corroded vase with skinny neck.
Tall, red and blue, ceramic vase
Sculpture of a 3D circle with bones and skulls.
Geometric metallic sculpture
Sculpture of predatory bird on top of a stump
Sculpture of hands on top of a vase
Intentionally crumbling ceramic vases that resemble gourds.

Our visual arts faculty are practicing artists, devoted to modeling the habits of mind that we strive to instill in our students.

The visual arts—they affect us personally, socially, and culturally. At Pingry, we seek to help students explore this pervasive media through wide exposure, critical examination, and age-appropriate curricula. Our courses are carefully designed to help students discover their talents and find their voice.

Our facilities are state-of-the art. On the Lower Campus, students work in two renovated studios. At the Basking Ridge campus, they enjoy the resources housed in the beautiful Hostetter Arts Center, completed in 2003. And for Upper School photography students and Middle School studio labs participants, the main campus building is the center of activity.

We also foster a lively dialogue with artists outside the campus through the Hostetter Gallery program, which brings master artists’ exhibitions and visiting artists to campus throughout the year. Pingry also sponsors an annual, area-wide photography exhibition featuring student works from 14 independent and public schools. And to further reinforce our arts curriculum, student work is continuously on view throughout both campuses.

The history of art and the study of contemporary art culture throughout the world are also incorporated into each of our course offerings. By the time our students graduate, they have a firm foundation in art’s complex language and a greater appreciation for its ability to promote expression, communication, tolerance, and the articulation of many points of view throughout our global society. For course descriptions, please refer to the Curriculum Guide.

Visual Arts Curriculum

Picture of central park in the rain with young boy on scooter, riding by photographer.
Image of colorful, blurry city lights
Side view image of pink flower with some downturned petals
Image of girl smiling at the camera with her hair flipped up
Image of girls flipping hair up
Image of sunset shot in reflection of car side mirror.
Image of pomegranate on black background
Image of pine cone in the forest
Close up image of slinky
Black and white image of bicycle rack with shadows.
Silhouette of girl slightly illuminated by blue light outlining her head.
Image of bicycle sculptures with red light blaring in a city landscape
Black and white image of children's swing set.
Girls sitting back to back and looking away
Mixed media image of a man sitting in a restaurant, alone
Black and white image of girl looking at reflection and reflection looking back at her
Black and white image of full-petaled flowers.
Image of burnt light bulbs
Image of hand reaching out of a hedge, close to touching another hedge
Black and white image of overlapping lines at a considerable depth
Image of men waiting at a food stand in a city at night
Black and white picture of man sitting and reading a book beside large bags of spices

Hostetter Arts Center Gallery

Hostetter Arts Center Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition: “Philemona Williamson” on view September 19 to October 20, 2023

Philemona Williamson’s narrative paintings explore the tenuous bridge between adolescence and adulthood, encapsulating the intersection of innocence and experience at its most piercing and poignant moment. The metaphorical images focus on the transitional period of adolescence, when personal discovery and awareness collide with the force of worldly knowledge. The lush color palette and dreamlike positioning of the figures ensures that their vulnerabilities are seen as strengths and not as weaknesses.

Painting of sunbathers on the beach.
Painted portrait of girl looking at viewer with degrading words written on top of her and the background.
Painting of couple walking under a red umbrella in Paris with Eiffel Tower behind them.
Sketched portrait of man staring intensely.
Mixed media piece of fishbowl being dumped out.
Mixed media painting of man holding arm up.
Painting of woman with head piece sitting
Mixed media piece of person walking.
Painting of lion head with patterns over it.
Colorful painting of lion head wearing a top hat
Sketched portrait of girl smiling at camera
Sketched portrait of man looking at camera
Sketched portrait of Sage Dining chef
Sketched portrait of woman holding hat.
Abstract painting with blue background and orange hued waves with white vertical lines
Sketched portrait of woman smiling at camera
Portrait of singer Brendon Urie
Pencil drawing of human/dragon eye with scales
Painting of man imitating %22hear no evil%22 hand gesture.
Sketch of skull of desert animal with branch growing out of it.
Painting of abstract pattern.
Painting of boy and Winnie the Pooh facing away from each other with bubbles in the background.
Colorful, painted portrait of Jake Ross.
Sketched portrait of Lydia Gargano
Water color painting of woods with silhouette of figure with axe.

Upcoming Arts Events

Watercolor of woods with a figure holding an axe
Black and white image of man sitting and reading beside large spice bags
Image of men waiting at a food stand during nightitme
Black and white photograph of metallic lines at varying depths
Single arm reaching out of a hedge in the wilderness
3D computer generated rendering of an architecture student's plan for an ice hockey arena
Painting of figure and teddy bear standing away from each other with balloons in the background
Picture of burnt lightbulbs
Painting of a colorful, abstract pattern
Pencil sketch of a desert animal skull with a branch growing out of it
Black and white close up photo of flowers
Girl looking at herself in a mirror, her reflection looking back at her
Multi media picture of a man sitting alone in a restaurant
Painting of a man doing the %22hear no evil%22 gesture
Side view image of girls sitting back to back and looking straight ahead
Image of boy riding his scooter in Central Park while it is raining
Black and white photo of a children's swing set
Silhouette of a girl being illuminated by a blue light around her head
Black and white photo of a bike rack that casts shadows
Photo of a pinecone in the woods
Photo of a pomegranate on a black background
Photo of a sunset seen through the side mirror of a car
Blurry, colorful lights in the city
3D Computer generated rendering of an architecture student's ice hockey complex plan
Painting of a lion head with a top hat on
Multi media drawing of someone walking
Painting of a woman in a headdress sitting and looking away with fruit surrounding her
Multimedia painting of a man holding his arm up
Black and navy ceramic vase
Porous gray and red ceramic vase
Collage of black and white eyes and a girl's face
Black and white image of girls sitting back to back and flipping hair up
Photo of side view of pink flower
Sketched portrait of 1/2 face of man
Painting of a couple under an umbrella in Paris with the Eiffel Tower behind them
Painting of girl resting her hand on her face with degrading words over her face and the background