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Current Show - Sarah Kurz '99 Survey


Sarah Kurz is a painter based in New York City.  Her work is represented by Gaa Gallery in Provincetown, MA and Cologne, Germany. This survey exhibition includes a selection of works made between 2014 and 2020. The paintings depict familiar and contemporary objects, landscapes, and human forms loosely based on the artist’s own relationships, experiences, and imagination. Kurz primarily uses personal photographs but also culls images from a variety of sources including film, the Internet, and print media. The narratives explore the power of intimacy and the personal in an increasingly digitized world.

Kurz explores the psychological and associative power of images and how they can signify a memory, moment, or feeling. She examines how an object or scene has the capacity to present an internal psychological state. Offering partial, fragmented studies, the paintings capture instants of time taken from interrupted narratives. Formally, the artist’s use of close-ups and compositional cropping and framing reflects a foundational interest in film. Kurz considers where to reveal or conceal the artist’s hand in the paint application and mark making, exemplifying touch as an integral part of the humanity and intimacy of the work.



Painting of a woman with eyes closed


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Poster for the Sarah Kurz Virtual Art Gallery


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