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Among a record number of submissions for this year's New Year's card design contest, the artwork of Sheryl Chen '26 took the prize, reminding Pingrians of the importance of unity and community.

Hostetter Arts Center Gallery

Current Show: 2020 Free Fall by Jamie Levine

Artist Jamie Levine is currently exhibiting her sculptures, photographs and paintings in the Hostetter Gallery. The exhibition titled 2020 Free Fall picks up where science leaves off, fusing the animal with the human. Levine’s hybrid creatures are vulnerable, whimsical, and can act as lighting rods for the viewer’s catharsis. Although grotesque, they appear utterly real. Questions seem to issue from their parted lips: “If I could talk, what would I say?” “Are you, as humans, ready to listen?” Levine has said about her own work “I make art to impact the larger world beyond the fine art world. If my art won’t in some small way change the world, then why should I make it?” Reflecting on how much has changed this year, Levine created a body of work responding to the pandemic and the anxiety and fear that has come with it. Viewers will see how real-life events can affect and redirect an artist’s work. The exhibition will be on view through January 15, 2020.



From the time that Levine began making textiles and sculpture forty years ago at Syracuse University where she earned her BFA in Studio Art, to the manufacture of genetic hybrids that she created while at the Bio Art Lab at The School of Visual Arts, New York City, to the painting and sculpture she does now -- directly related to Monarch Butterfly migration and preservation -- Levine creates work with a high degree of craftsmanship and a message. She received an Excellence in Jewelry Award from Montclair State University, and was selected for a Research Project from the BMW Guggenheim Lab that resulted in impactful programming at the intersection of urban ecology and architecture with ecological-artist collective SPURSE. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions regionally as well as overseas in London, Berlin, and Montecastello, Italy.

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“Grotesque and beautiful, Jamie Levine’s work makes us both think – and feel – the Earth turning beneath our feet, the times in which we live...”  

--Sarah Schmerler, Monograph: Jamie Levine’s Chimeric Future, 2017

Sculptures by Jamie Levine

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