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Meet Pingry

We are delighted that you are considering a Pingry education!

We hope you will join us for one of our upcoming events to learn more about our programs, community, and school culture. 


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How to Register for a Class Visit?

Starting on September 29, applicants are invited to experience student life at Pingry. When an applicant arrives on campus, they are greeted by an admission counselor who will connect them with their student guide for the morning. During the visit, the applicant will be immersed in learning, seeing, feeling, what it’s like to be a Pingry student. At the end of the visit, the applicant will have an opportunity to debrief and interview with an admission counselor.

Our visit opportunities vary throughout the year. You will have the opportunity to sign up for a class visit in the admissions portal once you start your application.


Admissions Updates & News

Mr. Matt Horesta

Step into the world of our "Meet Our Students" section and meet Ryan Richardson, a grade 3 student at Pingry School. Ryan shares his favorite memory, a delightful testament to the vibrant friendships and adventures that unfold in our Lower School community. Get to know Ryan and witness the boundless curiosity that define the exceptional students of Pingry.

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Mr. Matt Horesta

Step into the world of our Pingry community with "Meet Our Students," featuring Graham Houghton, a junior at Pingry School.  Join us in celebrating Graham's story, as he shares his cherished Pingry memory, reflecting the camaraderie and meaningful connections that define Pingry.

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