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Affording Pingry

We support bright, promising students regardless of their financial circumstances.

A Pingry education makes an immediate impact and has lifelong value. We want that education to be accessible to families from a broad range of backgrounds. That’s why we offer a generous tuition assistance program to support students and families with financial need.

We recognize that a Pingry education is a significant investment and do not want tuition to be a barrier for entry. We believe that socio-economic diversity enriches our community and is critical to our mission to innovate, launch world-changers, and foster values like compassion, curiosity, and awareness of self and others.

We encourage our prospective families to apply for tuition assistance if they are concerned about affordability. We are excited to partner with you! 

2025-26 tuition assistance applications will OPEN IN AUGUST

Independent School should be affordable, and applying for aid should be easy: contact us with tuition assistance questions at any time.


Tuition Information

Three-Tier Additional Expenses Support

Tuition Assistance Information


Tuition Assistance Resources

Tuition Assistance Step-by-step Instructions

This guide will walk you step-by-step through the Clarity application.

Tuition Assistance 101 Webinar

This webinar session explores the steps involved in the Tuition Assistance application process.

Tuition Assistance Estimator

Select the appropriate values in the Tuition Assistance Estimator to see the average tuition paid by current Pingry families with a similar profile to yours. 

Admissions News

Explore the different aspects of the Pingry admissions process from current department leaders and alumni. 



"My Pingry experience would not have been possible without tuition assistance. I am very thankful to the donors and alumni whose generosity gave me and will continue to give others to come the opportunity to have not only a First-Class academic experience, but also an environment to excel in extracurricular activities! Go Big Blue!'

 Adidere Fakorede, Class of 2014


"Tuition assistance provided me with access to a life-changing education. As an adult, I still benefit from the lessons and values I gained at Pingry. Being able to attend a school like Pingry without a financial burden has positively impacted both my life and career."

Annelise Kinney, Class of 2015


"Tuition Assistance changed my life. Growing up, independent schools felt like an opportunity for other people, not me. This changed the moment I learned about the existence of tuition assistance programs. Suddenly, nothing was out of reach. And not only did I belong in this space, but I felt wanted and valued. I am proud of myself for exploring the options available to me, going for it, and ultimately taking full advantage of the opportunities that I earned. My individual journey was the impetus for a career in independent schools and serves as a constant reminder that with determination, access to resources, and the right support, we can surpass our own expectations. Because of my own experience, I feel honored to be part of an institution like Pingry that offers life-changing opportunities through its comprehensive Tuition Assistance program."

Edwin Núñez, Director of Enrollment Management


Tuition Assistance by the Numbers

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Million in tuition assistance awarded for 2023-2024

Community Representation

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Students receive tuition assistance awards



Percent of Students Who Receive Tuition Assistance



Pingry strives to meet up to 100% of the demonstrated need for each student we enroll and support.

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Average tuition assistance award


Named Tuition Assistance Endowed Funds established to make Pingry education available to all students regardless of financial means


Tuition Assistance accounts for 13% of total operating budget


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We invite you to experience Pingry and see for yourself what sets us apart.

I Am Pingry

Discover stories and profiles that illuminate the rich tapestry of our Pingry community

Our Application Process

Our admission process challenges us to explore how each applicant would contribute to — and benefit from — Pingry's culture.