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Tuition Assistance FAQ

What is need-based tuition assistance?

Tuition assistance at Pingry is a discount in tuition costs, determined on the basis of calculated need. We do not offer academic, athletic, or artistic scholarships; all of our awards are need based grants that do not require repayment. Pingry defines "need" as the difference between the total cost of attendance (tuition and expected fees) and a family's ability to pay that cost, which is calculated through the family's tuition assistance application.

How can I receive information about The Pingry School?


Please submit our online inquiry form and we will send you more information about upcoming admission events and our school. Additionally, we hope you find this website helpful in learning more about Pingry.



Will applying for tuition assistance affect my admission decision?

We encourage all families who feel there may be a gap between the cost of attending Pingry and what they can afford to pay are encouraged to apply for tuition assistance. The enrollment and tuition assistance processes are separate.

Pingry will meet up to 100% of the financial need of admitted students regardless of whether they apply Early Action or Regular Decision. The same need-based aid formula is used for all applicants, regardless of whether they are applying under Early Action or Regular Decision. Students are notified of the amount of their awards when they are admitted to Pingry.


Who can apply for tuition assistance?

Anyone can apply for tuition assistance. Every family's financial situation is unique, so there is no way for Pingry to determine what a family may qualify for unless they complete the application process.

Do I have to reapply for tuition assistance every year?

Yes, families who receive tuition assistance from Pingry must reapply each year. The School is committed to supporting a student through graduation, provided a demonstrated need continues to exist. It is important to note that a family's award amount may change from year to year if the family's financial situation changes.

Does Pingry offer payment plan options?

For 2023-2024, three payment options are available to you:

  • Pay tuition and fees in full by August 1, 2023.
  • Pay in two installments: 70% paid by August 1, 2023 and the remainder by February 1, 2024. 
  • Ten-month payment plan, paying 15% of tuition and fees for each of the first five months with the first payment due by May 1, 2023, and 5% of tuition and fees for each of the remaining five months.

Along with these plans, families have additional options for managing their accounts, including:

  • A wider choice of payment methods including direct debit, credit card, and paper check, either as one-time or automatically recurring payments, and the option to save your methods of pay for future remittance
  • The ability to access their account 24 hours a day electronically via computer or mobile device.

What if I miss a tuition assistance deadline?

Any family who submits any necessary information after its due date will be considered for assistance after those who have met all deadlines. This decreases the likelihood that Pingry will be able to award a grant to a qualifying family.

Does Pingry offer fee waivers for the Admissions or Tuition Assistance applications?

Absolutely. If the Admissions Application fee presents a hardship for your family, please contact us at so we may assist you immediately. 

Does Pingry have an income limit when considering tuition assistance applications?

Every family's financial situation is unique. There is no preset income level that qualifies a family for tuition assistance, nor one that disqualifies. All of our decisions are based on the Tuition Assistance Committee's individual review of the family's completed application.

If I do not qualify for tuition assistance, but choose to enroll, can I apply for assistance in future years?

Pingry families can apply for assistance any year. However, in order for a returning family to be considered for assistance for the first time, they must demonstrate that their family's financial situation changed significantly from the time their child applied to Pingry.

How do I apply for tuition assistance if I have more than one child?

You need to complete one Pingry Request for Tuition Assistance form for each child. The Clarity Tuition application needs to be submitted just once (for each parent/guardian's household). Through Pingry's tuition assistance application, the parent(s)/guardian(s) household contribution to education is calculated, and that contribution is divided proportionally between all of the educational costs (through undergraduate college/university) of the children in that family to determine the tuition assistance award for each child who will attend Pingry. For some families, this means that even though they didn't qualify for tuition assistance when their first child joined the Pingry community, they might qualify for aid when a second child is admitted.


If I am not married to my child's other parent, do they need to complete a financial aid application?

Regardless of marital or custodial status, ALL parents and/or guardians must complete the tuition assistance process, reflecting all of the members of their household (including current spouses or partners, if applicable). It is the responsibility of the custodial parent to ask the non-custodial parent to complete the process. The Tuition Assistance Office holds information submitted from separate households in the strictest confidence. The Tuition Assistance Committee will be unable to award a grant unless all parents/guardians complete the application. 

How does Pingry factor in my other children's tuition-charging schools?

Pingry divides a family's calculated contribution to education between the number of children attending tuition-charging schools for that year, including Kindergarten through undergraduate college/university education. The allocation of funds is proportional to the amount of each respective tuition. The amount allocated to Pingry for each child attending is subtracted from the estimated total cost for that grade and the result is the student's tuition assistance award.

How does Pingry factor in a stay-at-home parent when calculating assistance?

When a parent/guardian whose youngest child is in school full-time chooses not to work, the Tuition Assistance Committee will re-calculate the family's contribution to education using imputed income. This policy does not require the parent to work - it only attempts to adjust the level of need by accounting for the minimum income that the parent could earn if he or she chose to work. If there are specific circumstances surrounding non-employment that a family wishes the Tuition Assistance Committee to consider, a written statement of special circumstances must be submitted with the rest of the family's supporting documentation.

Am I expected to give to Pingry's annual fund if I receive tuition assistance?

Giving to Pingry is completely voluntary. However, all parents/guardians – regardless of their financial circumstances – are asked to make a contribution of any amount each year to demonstrate their participation in and support of the Pingry community. Parent participation is just as important as the dollars raised. Therefore, we hope all parents/guardians will consider giving at a level that is comfortable for them and does not place a financial strain on the family. Every gift, of any size, counts! Parent participation also shows our peer schools, our alumni, potential funders, and prospective families that this is a strong, supportive school community. If a family would like to contribute to the school in other ways, there are also many wonderful opportunities to volunteer time at Pingry. Please contact the Advancement Office or the Pingry School Parents’ Association for more details.

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