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A member of Pingry's Entrepreneurship Club, Madeline tells about pitching her business idea at the LaunchX Mid-Atlantic Regional Event in New York City.

A new vending machine on the Basking Ridge Campus, offering healthy snacks and small meals on-the-go, gives busy students another after-school snack option.

Financial Aid at Pingry

Closing the gap...

Pingry seeks a student body that represents a broad range of economic situations. The goal of Pingry's financial aid program is to close the gap between the total cost of a Pingry education and what a family can afford. All Pingry financial aid is need based. We do not offer any academic, athletic or artistic scholarships.

In planning for the cost of a Pingry education, it is important to realize that a family, to the best of their ability, bears the primary responsibility for financing their child's education. The Financial Aid Committee seeks evidence that a family's commitment to their child's education is at least as strong as the School's.

Pingry would not be the same without the contributions of students who receive financial aid.

Grants vary widely to address the needs of families in different financial circumstances. Financial aid awards range from approximately $1000 to 100% of tuition and estimated fees ("total cost") for the 2017-18 academic year. Numerous factors contribute to the determination of a family’s ability to pay tuition including, but not limited to:

    • income
    • assets
    • debt
    • general living and medical expenses
    • number of dependents
    • ages of parents
    • number of children in tuition-charging schools

It is important to note that each case is evaluated individually and therefore families in the same income range may have vastly different overall financial circumstances and therefore receive different levels of financial aid.

Pingry by the Numbers


Students receive financial aid awards


Named Financial Aid Endowed Funds established to make Pingry education available to all students regardless of financial means


Dollars awarded on average to financial aid recipients