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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

What on earth is ERM?

The Pingry School is committed to the effective management of risk across all school operations in order to support the achievement of our mission. To do this, we practice Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). Want to know more about how Pingry is a leader among educational institutions—and one of the only independent schools in the country—seeking to implement ERM practices? Take a look!

What does ERM do for Pingry?

  • Provides a data-driven, overarching framework for Pingry to manage its risks, improve operations, and more optimally achieve its goals
  • Allows the School to not simply mitigate its perceived risks, but engage in calculated risk-taking
  • Serves as an additional layer of safety and security for our School, our students, and our stakeholders
  • Increases awareness among faculty, staff, and administrators of the importance of managing risk and our collective roles in doing so
  • Gives faculty, staff, and administrators a shared language to describe and manage risk
  • Leads to better decision-making processes that are consistent with our Mission and inclusive of stakeholders
  • Supports our School as a leading, best-in-class institution
  • Provides for thoughtful stewardship of resources, ensuring that Pingry enjoys a bright and strong future

"Institutions all have a smart person or group of people at the top who are seeking to reduce risk. But, equipping all constituents with an overarching framework that spans industries and provides guidance on how to actually do that is tremendously helpful."—David M. Fahey '99, Associate Director of Operations, Safety and Strategic Initiatives 

What kind of work does the Working Group do?

We follow (and in some cases, coach colleagues through) four steps when addressing any risk:

  • Step 1: Evaluate the scope of the risk and the affected stakeholders
  • Step 2: Analyze the risk and its consequences
  • Step 3: Treat the risk
  • Step 4: Document and report
Meet Pingry's ERM Working Group
  • Cindy McArthur P' 29, Director of Auxiliary and Interim Director of Operations
  • Erin Boccher, Assistant Director of Athletics, Basking Ridge
  • Anne Bonnefoi, Library Associate, Short Hills
  • Tiffany Chan, Director of Strategic Initiatives
  • Karim Del Pozo, Spanish Faculty, Grade 6 Team Leader
  • Bailey Farrell, Chemistry Faculty, Upper School
  • Robert Hoepfl, Dean of Student Life, Upper School Faculty and Coach
  • Matt Horesta, Admissions Counselor, History Faculty
  • Alyssa Johns, Assistant Lower School Director of Social and Emotional Wellness
  • Gillian Johnson Interim Assistant Director of Experiential Education & Global Engagement, Spanish Faculty
  • Mary McNaugher, Talent Acquisitions Manager
  • Cherilyn Reynolds, Assistant Director of College Counseling
  • Michael Saraceno, Assistant Director of Operations
  • Derrick Shearer, Director of Advancement Services
  • Alex Steinberg, Educational Technology and Innovation Coordinator
  • Maurisa Thomas, CAST member, Middle and Upper School
  • Olaf Weckesser, CFO and COO

"Pingry is really at the forefront of secondary schools when it comes to ERM work. It is a mark of our sophistication as a School and the care we have for our community—our students, parents, and employees—that we are willing to spend time, effort, and money to manage risk."—Ian Shrank '71, a member of Pingry's Board of Trustees and Chair of its Audit Committee Article

Learn more about how ERM has been implemented at Pingry


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