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The Pottersville Campus


Pingry is proud to announce our new Pottersville Campus, an inclusive K-12 space that builds connections and encourages students and educators to dream bigger.

Pingry’s Pottersville Campus enables expanded programming that deepens our students’ learning by offering:

  • Immersive experiences including short term overnight stays

  • Learning-by-doing education, with experiential rigor that deepens classroom learning

  • Employee housing to support attracting and retaining great educators

The 83-acre Pottersville Campus is a 20-minute drive from Basking Ridge and a 40-minute drive from Short Hills. It is an extension of these existing campuses; for the first time, we have one central place shared by all K-12 students.

The Pottersville Campus supports the intentional extension of Pingry’s ambitions for our students from college-prep to life-ready.


The Pottersville Campus is a place where students can safely take risks, be intellectually brave, handle setbacks, stick with tasks, and create differentiated and individualized pathways. It features several community and collaboration spaces, classrooms and labs, an indoor athletic facility, a performing arts building, a community “quad”, and state-of-the-art athletic fields. 

This campus accelerates the work of our 2018 Strategic Plan, including a cost-effective and time-efficient realization of components of our long-term campus buildings and grounds plan, and allows us to accomplish the student-centered aspirations this plan sets forth.

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Pottersville Campus by the Numbers






dorm rooms of varying sizes


housing units of varying sizes for employees

Hear from our community about the possibilities at the Pottersville Campus

Colleges are searching for students who are intellectually brave and motivated to take action, students who are eager to collaborate, apply what they learn, and anticipate future challenges. Pottersville presents us with a unique opportunity to reimagine what our classrooms and our assignments look like. What sort of Invention Studio or Institute might we create at Pottersville? What issues — from cybersecurity to renewable energy to well-being — might we explore? Pottersville can help us to further inspire our students, growing the culture of innovation and imagination that already exists at Pingry.

Schools like Pingry need to balance academic achievement with frequent, planned recovery time — time for high quality play, leisure, exploration, and adventure. Pottersville will help us to intentionally create an environment that promotes and supports physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being. This is a campus where students can practice effective communication, decision making, and problem solving outside of the classroom. And by collaborating and thinking creatively, they can discover new facets of themselves and experience continued growth and success.

One of Pingry's goals is to create, "speaker engagements and special assemblies that promote thought-provoking discussions and motivate students to take action." While Pottersville is where those words and ideas can take shape and take flight, it's also where students can take a break and enjoy a hike or a class trip.

— Tim Lear, Head of School

Immersive learning experiences can lead to some of the deepest learning and most meaningful intellectual engagement that our students experience during their time at Pingry. Pottersville's dorms enable Pingry to offer short-term residential experiences and the advantages of immersive programming to more students, more frequently - giving Pingry students the opportunity to be part of a community of learners who are totally immersed in the task at hand.

—Ms. Julia Dunbar, Form V/VI Dean of Student Life, History Teacher

This new space – free of distractions – will help focus student minds and provide them with an experience that allows for uninterrupted concentration on their learning. I also hope we can use this immersive educational experience to challenge students to be independent leaders; not only to help students grow in terms of thinking historically and understanding the importance of studying the past, but also to develop in them mindsets of initiative and autonomy. I also think this campus could be used as a release valve for overflow - thinking of how busy the Basking Ridge Campus often becomes, this campus could be a quieter place for contemplation and experimentation.”

—Dr. Megan Jones, History Department Chair

The Pottersville Campus gives us a unique opportunity to create student-centered experiences for learning about identity, fostering a sense of belonging, and learning from one another's stories. I am looking forward to the sense of community that this campus will bring to Pingry.

—Mr. Gilberto Olvera, P ’29, ’33, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Pottersville campus offers the Upper School the opportunity to dream big in terms of our programming and curriculum. Whether it's a class trip, an immersive experience for a particular course, or the chance to showcase a visiting artist or poet, Pottersville grants us the space (literally!) to further enrich the lives of our students.

—Dr. Reid Cottingham, Interim Upper School Director

The Pottersville Campus at Pingry represents an opportunity for our faculty to expand in the realm of Experiential Education, with the shared goal of anticipating our students’ needs as we look towards their future.

—Dr. Thu-Nga Morris, Assistant Head of School for the Short Hills Campus

I see the Pottersville Campus as a place where our employees can connect and build community. Additionally, being able to offer our faculty and staff short- and long-term housing opportunities will further enable us to attract and retain the best and brightest educators from around the country.

—Ms. Lindsay Holmes-Glogower ’99, P'33, Director of People Operations and Talent Development

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Drove view of the Pottersville Campus