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Honor & Character

At Pingry, we believe in a commitment to character.

When honorable behavior is more about attitude and spirit than rules and regulations, good things happen. When decent, self-respecting behavior is guided by personal integrity and a genuine concern for others—whether encouraged by the Lower School’s Code of Conduct or the Middle and Upper School’s Honor Code—everybody wins.

At Pingry, we believe in the power of one to influence many.

When students behave in a trustworthy manner, they not only help themselves, but also further the interests of the school, their class, and their clubs and teams.

At Pingry, we believe in leading by example.

When students conduct themselves in a moral and decent manner, they not only benefit themselves but serve as valuable contributors to their school and the larger world. This belief is underscored by our requirement that all students, from the youngest to the college-bound, give back to the community each year through community and civic engagement.

At Pingry, we believe in personal empowerment.

When students take responsibility for themselves as well as for their peers, the community as a whole is strengthened, a belief underscored by our Honor Board.

Just as each student is responsible for upholding the community’s standards, a committee of students and faculty is responsible for ensuring that every student is familiar with and governed by our Honor Code.

Student signing the honor pledge

At Pingry, honor, character, and service to others aren’t just catchphrases—they’re our culture.