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We Love School

We Love School

At Pingry, we give ourselves the freedom to be many things at once.

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We make space for a thousand ways of thinking, being, and doing. That’s why we’re home to unabashed joy, and a profound sense of purpose.

Sara Claevenger

Class of ‘27

Sarah Clevenger


career musical performances


pairs of Converse sneakers


musical instruments played


soft serve ice creams in the dining hall per year


favorite note to hit as a vocalist


smiles per day


Class of ‘23

Jake Francis

Pingry has provided me with an incredible foundation, with strong academics and great sports programs. I have learned so much from all of my Pingry coaches, teachers, mentors, and teammates that I will carry on to college.”

Pressure? More Like the Pursuit of Happiness

If there is a word to describe Pingry’s former pitching ace, Jake Francis ’23, it would have to be unflappable. Whether out on the pitching mound with the game on the line, or hunched over his books quietly prepping for a test, Jake is unruffled. Unbothered. Where some may get nervous, Jake remains focused. It’s this innate quality of his that was refined during his time at Pingry. His time at Pingry taught him many things, yet chief among them was the importance of seeking out challenging opportunities. “Pingry has provided me with an incredible foundation, with strong academics and great sports programs,” he says. Pingry nurtured his drive to push past temporary failures so he may achieve great things. After all, throwing a 91 mph fastball doesn’t happen on the first try.

Though for Jake, who quite literally threw a perfect game on his first outing at Pingry, it nearly does.

Now starting his baseball career at Villanova University, Jake was accepted into their extremely competitive School of Business. “I have learned so much from all of my Pingry coaches, teachers, mentors, and teammates that I will carry on to college,” he says. “Coach Feltre, Dean Hoepfl, and Mr. Lear have all been such important role models to me. I am really thankful for their guidance and support.” The expectations are high, and so is the workload, yet he is excited by it all.

And, of course, unflappable.

Class of ‘26

James Gray

nutmegs per training season


of free time spent in biology lab


servings of General Tso's chicken when available in the dining hall


hours per week spent with teachers outside the classroom


goals last soccer season


second language being mastered (French)

Class of ‘29

Hana Finkelstein


bad days

smiles per day


sport athlete


true love of the Latin language


Ping Pong matches won per day


hour per day singing

Mirika Jambudi

Class of ‘23

Mirika Jambudi

“I had this mentality of saying yes to trying new things. Pingry is a place that allows its students to create something much bigger than yourself.”

From Big Blue to Crimson Red

Mirika Jambudi ’23 is getting ready for college. She is packing her bags, saying her goodbyes, and tying up loose ends. Harvard bound, and bound to make an impact, Mirika is nonetheless in a reflective mood. She’s part of the Pingry alumni community now, and she is getting ready to experience the wider world. “I’m excited for what comes next,” she says. “I’m excited to meet new people, to hear new perspectives—to see more.”

Mirika found the vast opportunities at Pingry too exciting to pass up, and, even more importantly, she found a support system for risk taking that encouraged her to dive right in. The thrill and wonder of daily life at Pingry was infectious, and it transformed her initial approach of a meticulously planned out freshman year—she was going to join the cross country team before suffering a stress fracture, so she pivoted to performing in the fall play instead, despite never having performed onstage. Soon, Mirika was embracing—and discovering—all kinds of unexpected interests.

“I had this mentality of saying yes to trying new things,” she says, before adding that Pingry is a place that allows its students to “create something much bigger than yourself.”

As she gets ready to step foot onto Harvard’s campus, there is one thing she is definitely bringing with her, along with all those packed bags: the joy and confidence to pivot from the stress fractures of life and Say Yes.

Class of ‘34

Morgan Jarocki


true love of gymnastics


goals per soccer practice


burnt pizza slices tolerated


book written about Africa


cakes per day baked in an imaginary bakery on the playground


tap on her head each time she passes her brother in the halls

Class of ‘25

Alex Wong


languages spoken


genres of music in his favorites list


study sessions hosted


high fives per day


Pingry names memorized


water polo goals

Goose Chaser



years old
(14 in dog years)


pounds, soaking wet


geese chased

days brightened


golf cart rides per day


big shoes to fill
(we miss you, Finn!)


Our Identity

At Pingry, excellence contains multitudes.

We’re audacious and creative, empathetic and enterprising, independent-minded and community-oriented, unexpected and uplifting, all at once.

Our Identity

We’re home to everything that makes us original–and everything that brings us together. Our community is both marvelously diverse and remarkably aligned.

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01. Our Honor Code is the soul of Pingry.

We care about where you’re going—but we care more about how you get there. Are you acting with compassion and integrity? Are you seeing beyond yourself and showing concern for others? That’s why our student-written Honor Code is a treasured part of our history and a moral compass for today’s Pingry community. 

02. We strike an inspiring balance.

We’re exceptionally attuned to the well-being of our students. We want them to take pleasure and pride in everything they do, even when (perhaps especially when) they struggle or stumble. We help them broaden their experience—exploring the arts, athletics, service, and more—and deepen their sense of stability and possibility. 

03. We create lifelong connections.

Our motto is “Greatest respect is due students.” Our education is rooted in dynamic, often life-changing connections between students and teachers. We learn from our students, listen closely to them, and support them with a network of nourishing relationships. Families work in partnership with teachers and staff members; coaches and advisers guide and inspire students; graduates mentor new generations of students. Every day, in every corner of our community, we cheer one another on and build one another up. 

04. Our academic program looks ahead.

Our approach to education is forward-looking and research-driven. Thoughtfully, intentionally, we apply new practices in the classroom, develop new programs, and explore new opportunities that meet the needs of our students and the demands of the wider world. 

05. We strengthen the Pingry culture together.

We’re home to families from 90 different communities, including a significant number of first-generation independent school families. We’re a leader in developing—and supporting—programs that build an inclusive, equitable community. The result is a school culture strengthened every year by smart, enterprising people from a broad range of backgrounds. 

06. We support bright, promising students regardless of their financial circumstances.

A Pingry education makes an immediate impact and has lifelong value. We want that education to be accessible to families from a broad range of backgrounds. That’s why we offer a generous tuition assistance program to support students and families with financial need. 

07. We graduate good people.

Our highest ambition is to prepare students to be good people—people who think critically and work collaboratively, who speak clearly and listen with compassion, who adapt to new information and anticipate new conditions, who attend to their health and to the health of their communities. Our graduates enroll in colleges and universities that meet their ambitions—and they have the courage, the character, and the skills to cultivate a better world. 

Reasons We Love School

Reasons We Love School

A Pingry education asks us to embrace life in its fullness and complexity.

$8.3 million in tuition assistance


Friday Night Lights

Robust global programming

Spring Intensives

The Independent Research Team (IRT)


The Pottersville Campus

Reasons Popups

$8.3 million in tuition assistance

We recognize that investing in a Pingry education for your child is a significant financial decision and we are dedicated to helping families have access to this opportunity. We believe that socio-economic diversity enriches our community and is critical to our mission to foster compassion, curiosity, and awareness of self and others.

Friday Night Lights

We bleed blue and white. There is nothing quite like that feeling of cheering on the Pingry football team under the lights on Parsons Field each fall. We believe that creating opportunities for connection outside of the regular school day is an essential part of the Pingry experience. 

Robust global programming

To be a Pingry student is to be an explorer. Our ideas are not contained by classroom walls, nor do our connections end at a ZIP code. Our heart is in Pingry, yet adventure awaits in the world at large.

Spring Intensives

We believe that experiences that are academically immersive and intellectually adventurous result in deep and lasting learning and foster a lifelong love of exploration and discovery. Pingry Upper School students engage in this “minimester” academic period lasting two weeks at the end of each academic year.

The Independent Research Team (IRT)

The primary objective of the IRT is to provide Pingry students with the opportunity to engage in scientific inquiry and dive more deeply into topics including molecular biology, biochemistry, physics, and computer science. Students design and conduct experiments, collect and analyze data, and present their findings to the Pingry community during Research Week, as well as through a published research journal.


The Pottersville Campus

The best of both worlds: we’re a day school with a boarding school campus. Our 83-acre Pottersville Campus boasts 54 dorm rooms, offering Pingry students short-term residential experiences and the advantages of immersive programming—giving our students the rare opportunity to be part of a community of learners who are totally immersed in the task at hand.

Pingry Is Home

Our friendships give us courage, teach us compassion, and broaden our vision. To us, an outstanding education is rooted in authentic relationships across generations.

Pingry Is Home


The free time built into our schedule encourages me to push myself to get involved in different things. Pingry is like a gym. All the equipment is there, but it’s up to you to use it.” Anthony, Grade 10


I love Pingry because we have fun inside and outside of the classroom.” Wells, Grade 7


My favorite memory at Pingry is when the girls’ lacrosse team came to visit us from the Upper School. There is so much to look forward to. I can’t wait to be in the school play when I get older!” Yuvika, Grade 2


Math teaches me resilience. It was hard this year but Mr. Buckley made sure I understood. He always has a trick or saying that helps us.” Jordi, Grade 5


The Honor Code helps me understand what is expected of me and what to expect from others.” Camila, Grade 6


I grew up here. This place is my home. Yes, we work hard at Pingry, but there is no expectation to be perfect. Pingry is a place where you can be yourself because people are rooting for you along the way.” Jada, Grade 12


Being excited about things is what makes this place special. At Pingry, people aren’t afraid to show that they care deeply about their work, whether it is the musical or a sports tournament or a class. There is joy in being free to do what you love.” Emily, Grade 12


Pingry is a place where it is encouraged to make mistakes, learn from them, and improve the next time. It's okay to be afraid to fail; it's having the courage to take the risk in spite of that fear that is vital.” Maria, Class of 2023