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1-to-1 Laptop Requirements and Recommendations

To be part of Pingry’s 1:1 laptop program at the Middle and Upper Schools, a student’s laptop must be capable of efficiently performing tasks necessary to complete classwork. Consequently, a student’s course schedule will dictate, to some degree, the quality of laptop he or she needs. Most laptops purchased in the past 3 years should be fine to bring to school.

Each day, Middle and Upper School students should bring to school a fully charged laptop, protective case, power adapter, and any other necessary accessories. Students are responsible for maintaining their own laptops. The Tech Department will not have an adequate supply of power cords to loan to students.

If you do not find the information you need, please email Mr. Brian Burkhart, Director of Educational and Information Technology,

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Evaluate My Current Laptop

A Middle or Upper School Pingry Student’s Laptop Should:

  1. Have a functioning wireless network card that supports 802.11g or newer protocols and be able to connect to the Pingry wireless network.
  2. Have 4GB or more of RAM.
  3. Efficiently run Google Apps for Education products.
  4. Have a large enough screen and high enough resolution to read ebooks and course material.
  5. Have working speakers, microphone, and webcam.
  6. Efficiently run required course-specific software, which may include products such as the Adobe Creative Suite*, LoggerPro (Science), MathType, Geometer’s Sketchpad (Math), etc.
  7. Connect to a classroom HDMI projector, using an adaptor if necessary.
  8. Be setup to perform consistent backups, either via cloud storage (such as Google Drive) or via an external hard drive.

*Please be aware that Adobe’s Creative Suite is provided only to students taking certain Fine Arts courses. Please consult the Pingry Curriculum Guide for more information. If you will need to install Adobe Creative Suite on your laptop, please note that it places greater demand on your hardware and will affect the overall performance of your laptop. It is recommended that RAM be a minimum of 8 GB.

NOTE: The Pingry School 1-to-1 program is platform independent. Pingry recommends and can assist with support for Mac OS or Microsoft Windows.

Buy A New Laptop

If your laptop does not sufficiently perform the tasks defined in the minimum requirements, The Pingry School recommends that families purchasing a NEW laptop choose a machine that meets the following specifications:

  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Solid State Hard Drive
  • Wireless Card (802.11n or newer) and webcam
  • Warranty Extension/Accidental Coverage
  • Accessories:
    • External hard drive to use at home for backup
    • Laptop case or laptop sleeve to protect in backpack
    • Headphones

For Mac users, Pingry recommends purchasing a 13” MacBook Air. A MacBook Pro may be more appropriate for those students who do image or film editing. For Windows users, Pingry recommends the Dell XPS 13. For users looking for pen input, Pingry recommends the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Whatever system you choose, Pingry recommends upgrading the RAM to at least 8GB. You may also consider upgrading the processor and hard drive if you anticipate having heavy computer use.