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Over 6,500 members strong, Pingry alumni are engaged, active members of the school community. Over 700 attend Reunion events each year, they support The Pingry Fund and other important financial needs of the school, and they are actively involved in the Pingry network. We welcome you to stay involved—read below to find out how!

Stay Connected

How do I stay informed?

The best way to stay informed is by making sure that we have your most recent and accurate contact information. This will ensure that you receive invitations to our alumni events, The Pingry Review magazine, and our e-newsletter, The Pingry Wire. To update your contact information, email

How do I stay connected to Pingry?

Throughout this web site, you will find examples of ways for Pingry alumni to engage with Pingry and with each other. We invite you to explore the many opportunities available, from events on campus or across the nation, to how to get involved at Pingry, to ways to network together.

Share your life news with the Pingry Community by submitting a class note to be featured in The Pingry Review.

Download the Pingry School Alumni Connect App! Now you can take the Pingry alumni community wherever you go! Download the app here (for Apple devices, visit the App Store, for Android devices visit Google Play).

Make sure to stay connected with our social media outlets through our Alumni Facebook Page, Alumni Twitter Page, and our Alumni Linkedin Group.

How can I stay involved with Pingry?

There are many ways you can become involved with Pingry and the Pingry Alumni Association. You can volunteer to be a mentor to a young alumnus/a, or sign-up to be a mentee, become a Reunion volunteer, or volunteer to be a Class Agent to keep your classmates informed.

How can I support Pingry?

You can help make a difference for our students today, and for the future of Pingry, by supporting The Pingry Fund. By making a gift, you help to support Pingry athletics, academics, the arts, financial assistance for our students, and professional development for our faculty. Make a gift today!

If you have any questions about the Alumni Association, or staying involved at Pingry, please feel free to reach out to Holland (Sunyak) Francisco '02, Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving at or (908) 647-5555 ext. 1284.

Who is a Pingry Alumnus/Alumna?

You are considered a member of the Pingry Alumni Association if you have been at any time a student in regular attendance at The Pingry School and/or a graduate of The Pingry School. Any person who was at any time a student in regular attendance at the former Short Hills Country Day School prior to its merger with The Pingry School and/or were a graduate of the former Short Hills Country Day School is also considered a member of the Alumni Association.

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Alumni Awards

Achievement in the Arts Award

Established in 2012, The Achievement in the Arts Award will be presented to a distinguished Pingry alumnus, alumna, or former teacher in recognition of their contribution to the arts. An awardee must be recognized by their professional community as having made a significant contribution in their art form.

Click here to view the past awardees.

To nominate an alumnus, alumna, or former teacher, please complete the nomination form or contact Maureen Maher, Associate Director of Alumni Relations, at or (908) 647-7058.

Letter-In-Life Award

The principal criteria for the Letter-In-Life are (i) an alumnus or alumnae who has or has had a distinguished career in professional and/or civic life which has brought honor to Pingry and (ii) the relationship which the recipient has maintained with Pingry.

Award Recipients

2016John B. Brescher, Jr. '65
2015Duane St. John '50, USMC (Ret.)
2014F. Bronson Van Wyck '63
2013Dr. Zsolt P. Harsanyi ’61
Donald R. Dixon ’65
David Gelber ’59
2009Joseph Irenas ’58
Bruce Jacobsen ’78
Kenneth Wachter ’64
Douglas Macrae ’77
2005David E. Gernert ’74
Michael Chertoff ’71
2003William V. Engel ’67
Stephan F. Newhouse ’65
2001Park B. Smith ’50
2000Dr. Richard L. Cruess ’47
1999John H. Scully ’62
Amos B. Hostetter Jr. ’54
1997Dr. H. Franklin Bunn ’53
Peter T. Buchanan ’52
1995Miller A. Bugliari ’52
1994John W. Holman, Jr. ’55
1993Norbert Weldon ’35
1992Robert B. Gibby ’31
1991Norman B. Tomlinson Jr. ’44
1990Atherton Bristol ’41
1989F. Helmut Weymar ’54
1988Edward G. Engel ’33
Henry H. Hoyt Jr. ’45
1986David M. Baldwin ’47
1985Edward W. Cissel ’39
William M. Bristol III ’39
Warren S. Kimber Jr. ’52
1982Nelson L. Carr ’24
1981Dr. William P. Burks ’51
1980Joseph G. Engel ’35
Woodruff J. English ’27
1978Professor G. Gaddis Smith ’50
1977William V. Robinson ’35
Mark N. Donohue Jr. ’55
1975E. Murray Todd ’16
1974H. Russell Morss Jr. ’27
1973James C. Kellogg III ’33
1972N. Conover English ’29
1971Robert S. Corbin ’34
Percy H. Buchanan ’12
1969William S. Beinecke ’31
R. Manning Brown Jr. ’32
1967Edward J. Dimock ’46
Charles B. Atwater ’31
1965Matthew Dean Hall ’25
1964Thomas R. White Jr. ’10
1962Robert Clarke Crane ’50
1961William J. Corbet ’21
1960G. Bartram Woodruff ’00
1958Norman F. Charlock ’02
1957Arthur N. Pierson 1883
1956Piermont V. Davis ’01
1955Alan F. Myers 1898
Edward W. Brown ’19
1952John Farr Simmons ’09
1951Ralph Heyward Isham ’08
1950George C. Thomas Jr. ’07
1949James Lawrence Meyers ’07
1948Edward A. Weeks Jr. ’15
1947Dr. James Alexander Miller 1889
1946Richard W. Tregaskis ’34
1945Chester F. Smith ’08
1944Newcomb Carlton 1885
William F. Halsey Jr. ’00
Conover English 1894
1941Horace K. Corbin ’04
1940J. Mortimer Townley 1880
1939Thomas N. McCarter 1883
1938Dr. Dean Mathey ’08

Nelson L. Carr '24 Service Award

The Nelson L. Carr '24 Service Award is awarded for faithful and dedicated service in support of Pingry. Award criteria included the nature and duration of service, and timing (e.g. reunion year) may also be considered when deciding between two or more deserving candidates.

Award Recipients

2016Warren S. Kimber, Jr. '52 ( * )
2015Steven M. Lipper '79
2014Jonathan A. Shelby '74
2013Lori Halivopoulos ’78
2012Tony Borden ’62
2011Bob Burks ’56
Rob Gibby ’60
2010Sean O’Donnell ’75
2009Bruce Morrison ’64
2008John Wight ’62
Stuart Lederman ’78
Robert M. Pyle ’56
2005Edward S. Atwater ’63
Rob Hall ’54
2003Hugh Livengood ’33 ( * )
Stewart E. Lavey ’63
2001Thomas E. Johnson ’59
2000John L. Geddes ’62
1999Andrew H. Campbell ’49
Gordon T. Sulcer ’61
1997W. Jubb Corbet, Jr. ’50
1996Albert G. Bauer ’45
1995Harold S. Thomson ’39
1994Thomas Black ’32

Posthumously ( * )

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