Summer Reading & Writing Assignments
Posted 07/17/2014 08:43AM

Put down those highlighters and colored tabs: it's time for the relaxed, page-turning fun of summer reading!

Each year we ask our students to continue their learning through the summer and to take advantage of this perfect time for good, thoughtful exploration of a book. Acquiring knowledge, exercising intellectual curiosity, and reading for pleasure are activities that should not cease in the summer months.

Pingry's English Department has therefore put together a selection of both required and suggested readings for all incoming Middle School and Upper School students. For students entering Form I (Grade 7), Form II (Grade 8), and Form III (Grade 9) there are also required writing assignments that will provide your new English teachers with a valuable sample of your written work.

Lower School Summer Reading Details:

Middle School Summer Reading Details:

Upper School Summer Reading Details:

In addition to the required reading, we ask that students read other books that are simply of interest to them. We also encourage Pingry parents to join students in reading and talking about many of the books on these attached lists. Our hope is that you will read far beyond the list, enjoying the freedom of time off to read as much as you like.

Have a wonderful summer and happy reading!

Christine Taylor -- English Department Chair  (                 
Denise Brown-Allen, Ed.D. -- Upper School Director  (

Philip Cox -- Middle School Director  (

Ann D'Innocenzo -- Lower School Librarian  (