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At Pingry, collaboration is intentional—and integral to every aspect of our programs. It’s an education for the 21st century. By design.



A community of highly committed, endlessly interesting, rewarding—and rewarded—faculty, who grow together, and alongside their students. Come, meet them at Pingry.

“Pingry students are so prepared and so eager to participate. In my high school, you were in trouble if you were talking to a teacher. At Pingry, students are looking for an excuse to visit the science wing and talk to us . . . The attitude here is that it’s cool to be interested in school.”—Dr. Colleen Kirkhart, Honors II Biology teacher, Research Team
“It’s the tradition of the pursuit of greatness here that most inspires me—getting better at whatever it is you’re doing, striving, not settling. Students are given so much support, but everything is earned; nothing is given.” —Obi Nnaeto ’18



A community of intellectual explorers, mindful adventurers, and encouraged risk-takers. Come, find your place at Pingry.

Pingry by the Numbers


K-12 students who develop lifelong friends and build Pingry networks


Pingry faculty, staff and administration who have attended a workshop and/or conference relating to diversity & inclusion


Pingry student-athletes recruited for college sports over the last four years


Average number of students per class


Percent of Pingry students who attend a four-year college


Hours in a year dedicated to Community Service


Faculty members who not only teach, but also advise, coach, or supervise clubs and activities


Number of art classes offered K-12
“Every Thursday Dr. Moore teaches me how to play the organ in Hauser Auditorium. I definitely know I wouldn’t get to do that in another school.”—Justin Li ’21



A community of daring filmmakers, emerging musicians, cutting-edge visual artists, and budding thespians. Come, discover your talents at Pingry.



A community that nourishes mind and body not only in the classroom, but on the field, court, pool, rink, mat, track, or slopes. From curious beginners to nationally-ranked student athletes, alike. Come, meet your teammates at Pingry.

“At the end of the day, we all come out after a hard day of school and we’re with each other. Some days we just want to go home, but, as Pingry athletes, we gather with our teams. We’re not relying on a single person. We have to pull together or we’re not going to win.”—Charlotte Curnin ’17

The results? A community of active and curious learners who possess a variety of interests and talents and enrich our school with a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives.

Maxima reverentia pueris debetur.

“Greatest respect is due students.”